Love makes you “crazy”

15 Feb

Quote: Love makes you “crazy” from “Blondesense Liz”

The reason I chose this quote because the world is full of crazy people who love each other, especially couples.

On the image, I sketched and inked it first, and then I scanned it on my computer. Then I used Photoshop Element to color it. I didn’t use variety color on it (mostly because of lack of time) because I want to keep it as simple as the beginning I sketched it. And on the blood part, I tried my best not to make it gory or gruesome as I could put on, trying to keep the pure and the message of this picture.

The gradation of the background I combined with pink and grey, because obviously the picture in the middle is a dark humor or dark romance, so I mixed with the color of romantic and the color of dark of death.

I added one more layer as another background  with a mixed color of dark purple and pink for it, and I used burn and dodge tool on it. That way, I could have a similar color compared to the other, making a little contrast each other. And I made some pattern on the color in Tim Burton style to create a mystery atmosphere.

The shape I used is flower shape, and regular flower will wilt, but the flower of love between the couple will never die.

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One response to “Love makes you “crazy”

  1. ymartblog

    February 18, 2011 at 8:09 pm

    I think I prefer your drawn Valentine as it has a better point of emphasis and is better balanced. It is also very creepy! Why would he cut her body then create a table from the legs?
    Ms. McKay


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