Photo Taken-Valentine Assignment

16 Feb

I first took this photo today after school, and I just simply placed the box beside the window, just to create an atmosphere.

Then I used Photoshop Element to do the effects.

1) Make the photo as the main background.

2)Add “lightning flare” to make the jewelry shine or being relflected by the sunlight.

3)Make some white dots around the box to make a romantic feeling.

4) Add the love quote, and wrap them up into wave curve.

5) Finally, make 2 cookiecutter of the butterfly shapes.

Love Quote: “Love is a game that two can play and both win”.  ~Eva Gabor

The reason why I chose this quote is because life is a gameplay, and so as love. In the world of love, there are no winner or loser, only the eternal bond each other.

The picture I took was a box with a ring and a heart-shape necklace, that represent the love and what the future of the love will lead the couple.

The butterflies were a pair of couple, two become as one. Which not only make quite a pair and also when they fly together, it actually created a heart-shaped wings.

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