Blog Written Response-Two videos

08 Apr

In “Sonnet 130”, it gives the feeling of formal and elegant. From some of the words appearing without any motion and the font of the word can bring up the style of Shakespeare how he would speak or express. And in “Social Life with Friends”, the whole video deliver the trendy and the fashion for each word. Its motion doesn’t confuse the audience because it is appropriate and easy to watch.

Comparing these videos, “Sonnet 130” is formal style, and “Social Life with Friends” is informal style, each has their own advantages and disadvantages. First, “Sonnet 130” may not have so many motions in it, but the words and voice in the video give the passion and meaning within it, knowing this is one of Shakespeare works as it makes it much more special. As for “Social Life with Friends”, this video is absolutely for teenagers because of its fashionable and trend. The words have been bringing out the life in them, and the audience could feel the rhythm in the video. Despite the creativity of this video, it doesn’t have the solemn tone or feeling within.

The messages from those two videos. “Sonnet 130” gives a message about love and the praise the one whom he loved, and the passion toward her. And “Social Life with Friends”, hence the name, it’s delivering a message about friendship and the social life we are having and how we live inside the social circle.

They both have the differ visually in similar way, as they have the message to send and the passion the owner used and the effort they paid for. As a result, the videos came out well and they all have become examples in the short movies. Through these videos, I really like their motivation and the technique the owners used on them, it really brings out the spirit and the movement so lively, not to mention, they both have the intention to give the audience another way to express the words with actions and sounds.

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