FLASH Assignment Analysis

01 May

Even though I didn’t chose a meaningful sentence from English literature; Shakespeare or John Steinback. But the reason I chose Albert Einstein’s motto, “Only a life lived for others, is a life worth while.” I think this sentence is a life medicine.

A life as taking yourself for example, not knowing or aware how precious the life you have if you live alone. But if you lived for others, that would make your life more meaningful every moment.

Colour Theory:

On the background, I used little black on each corner of it, making it mystery but with mainly white at the back. At the beginning, I’m keeping the letters in black and in typing style as in solemnly way. However, when it appears the second part of the sentence, the words “a life” turned into red-orange, making it special. Because the words “a life” is repeated, so this is part of the advantages to make this video.

From left to the right, up to down, big to small, rotation and fading out etc. that I learnt from the previous lessons, help me to understand more and easier to control with this software.

Through the video making, I made it serious from the beginning. Every movement of the words, trying to create the rhythm and the emotion without vocal in it. In fact, from the motions from the letters, hopefully I could bring out the message of this sentence from Albert Einstein.

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