Famous Lines-Admire People

03 May

The qualities I admire in a person, are honesty, passion, loyal, faithful, brave, trustful, compassion, intelligence, and creative. For example, my dad, he was a company, a mentor, a role-model, a savior and an inspiration to me. He was a best friend to me and what these qualities he had are what I admire of. And I do hope friends and family I have and will have in the future, might as well have these qualities as my dad had. But the most important thing about I admire to people, is how she/he to know how to live meaningful; loving.

People (historically and at present) I admire:

1. Osamu Tezuka

2. Stephen Chow

3. Walt Disney

4. Obama

5. Tracy Yardley

6. Tim Burton

7. Rob Zombie

8. Princess Diana

9. James Cameron

10. Heather Dale

1. Osuma Tezuka, “God of Manga”, was my biggest idol of my life. He was one of the people who gave me dreams and hopes. Through countless works of his, they never get tired or old for me and keep giving me more inspirations to me. I wanted to become a manga writer as he was and never gave up the dream nor drawing.

2. Stephen Chow, a comedian, his movies always make me laugh. Even they are old movies, or my parents said they are no good to me. But it feels good to watch his movies as makes me laugh out loud. His creative of comedy has brought so much laughter of the world. He gives people a view of exaggeration and funny, I wish I could be as humor as him to be comedian in my comic world.

3. Walt Disney, one of the people who gave me dreams and joy in my childhood. Many animations had been created a long time ago, I was lucky I was born while his products were still on, even they were black and white, I love every one of them. Until now, with his body no longer at present, but his message and spirit of the Disney productions never die. Children can and will have their memorable childhood with Disney.

4. Obama, president of United State. Besides being the first black man to be the president of USA, he also achieved a tremendous successful; making new medical policy, fixing the financial issues and not to mention, brought Laden to justice!

5. Tracy Yardley, penciler of “Sonic the Hedgehog” in Archie. I haven’t read Sonic issues for a long time because the artwork before Tracy were not pretty. But after his creative works showed, my passion for Sonic rose up again. Because of him, I drew and drew and made a few comic on the internet which attracted more viewers to see them. I had made a lot of friends because of him. The artwork of his just take my breath away.

6. Tim Burton, director of many dark humor movies. “Nightmare Before Christmas”, “Corpse Bride”, “Sweeney Todd Demon Barber of fleet street” and so on, these films are contained with dark humor, they may be some slight horror in them, but not so scary. I really enjoy the dark humor, and Tim Burton shows me the intelligence of the world of living and the dead, probably not all of them are true, but still they are make sense.

7. Rob Zombie, my favorite horror movie director. Though he didn’t make a huge success as Tim Burton, but his work had become classic which brought out the passion for his products. “House of 1000 Corpses” is one of the best and classic horror film.

8. Princess Diana, Queen of Rose of England. She showed compassion to the ones had AIDS, she didn’t care about her royalty nor afraid of getting it. She bravely put her heart out and showed there was nothing to fear about the people who had AIDS to the world. Though her death is still a mystery nowadays, but she was known as one of the Greats in the royalty of England.

9. James Cameron, Sci-fi slash fantasy idol. The creative and the honesty to his films are remarkable. “Titanic” and “Avatar” are reflecting the humanity and foreshadowing the Earth would be like or in the past.

10. Heather Dale, devoted in medieval song writer and singer. She and I have something in common: Arthurian legend. I have long fond with King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table legendary stories since I was young. She wrote and sung songs about those magnificent stories. The faithful, the loyal and the passion for the legend are much more than I have. Another inspiration from her to help continue my artwork about the Arthurian legends.


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