self-portrait and famous background

06 May

Background: Monet, Irises in Monet’s Garden, 1900

The reason I chose this painting of Monet, is not only to match the silhouette of mine in the background because it is also sitting on the ground. But also the environment and the mood suite with the color I put in my shadows. Since the painting background had already mainly used in warm colour, so I also used the same color theory as putting warm colours into my silhouette.

Using the red, yellow and orange these warm colours could bring up the lightness and the harmony within the picture. Therefore, there is peace and the warmth in it.

At first, I really had no idea what I’m doing nor what is it about. Even at the end I still confuse with this whole assignment. But I guess this is just a practice of using the Photoshop and the skill of colour theory. Finally, I hope I knew and I learnt something from this assignment. Hope this is helpful in the future.

Photos I used:



psd file:

Background: Water Lily Pond

The same reason I chose from above, the cool and warm colours mixing together create a new sensation of the mood. The background, also from one of Monet’s works, is mainly cool colours. With my positions, as in kung fu fighting stance and a picture of myself (I still regret that…|||). The kung fu stance match the peacefulness of the lotus lilies pool environment. The self lining portrait helps the background some rough yet gentle serene.

Red, orange, brown are the warm colours I chose at the front, and the purple-blue is the cool colour at the right corner. The reason I did that, is because it could bring out some contrast from them. The complimentary and mixed repetitions in them.

Through this assignment, this maybe a tough one, but I learn somethings from this. One, colouring is not as simple as they seem to be. Two, it is hard to put your own picture in the assignment along with the paintings from the famous people. Three, graphic design is hard but if you practice more, you’ll know what’s the secrets of it.

Photos I used:


psd file:

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