CD Summative Project (Country Songs)

13 Jun

CD covers: (surface)

The reasons why I designed this cover in this style. Because since I chose “Country Song” as my music theme, so I wanted to keep everything in and outside of the covers would be as simple as I could. I cropped the heads of my friends and pasted them on the mermaid photo booth board. In these days, we rarely see this type of photo booth in our neighborhood nor around the city, that’s why I’d like to bring it up from the old days,to make it more like country-style. It is suitable and simple as other country music are.

CD cover: (inside)

Then the inside of the covers, the first one is kind of like a reverse of the first cover. Like you can see their heads at the front instead of their backs. This side of the cover could see their backs as they were behind of the photo booth board. In order to keep the the same themes, “Country songs” and “nymphs”. I tried to make every cover has the connection about the ocean and tropical atmosphere.


All of these covers, as I mentioned before, they are all connected to ocean. So in this poster, I created a background with a light blue background and ancient Rome structures, in the end, the background was alike Atlantis. Hence their band name, “Nymphs”, also known as mermaids, in another word, Atlantis is also their home. That’s why I made this background to suit them and their style.

Photos I used:

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