Diverse Origins Art Piece

16 Jan

This is the final project of the class, so I tempt to do this assignment in a different style, and an unusual way than I used to. During the process, I found it very challenging than I approached before; instead of using differnet textures, I attempted to change my layer with variety of settings, and tried to decrease its opacity to make the entire image more interesting.

I had picked so many pictures, mostly were family group photos, friends, sceneries, and other pictures I held with precious memories.

Photos I used:

  (scenery of Hong Kong) (My fan with ancient Chinese painting on it)  (My seal)  (My friends of Hong Kong and England)  (Pictures that my grandfather had taken in China)  (Diving with my sister in Malaysia) (The seal form)

I used layer settings on every picture; I had also changed the perspectives, and the color schemes. In another words, I was trying to playing around with the system as what they would do to the layer, that way I could learn something more about photoshop.

It was hard-working and uneasy task, but it was worth it. At first, it was hard to arrange the picture, but I also not to make it like a collage. That’s what it called a challenge, but I like challenges. The first concept of the picture was unlike the final piece I did, because I hadn’t added the cartoon version of myself.

I had thought about many poses and style for my character design: there were anime, american styles. But at the end, I chose american style, the reason was I wanted to try something new. I drew myself in american style swinging in the black bars, making myself look playful and also funny. Because that’s who I am, or who I used to be ( with a cowboy hat, and always wearing deep-green jacket like a soldier).

Photoshop (with layers):

This is my final piece:

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